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We believe your Walk-In Wardrobe should always feel grand and luxurious. We use our full carcass system in our walk-in wardrobes, however, you do have the option of having your wall and floor as the back and base of your walk-in. We do not use standard sized modules, ensuring complete design flexibility.

Choose from white melamine or coloured melamine options. All in 16mm melamine board.

There are a variety of handle options available which you can go through with the consultant on site. The most popular handle option these days is to have no handle and a simple gap between each drawer. This provides for a modern and aesthetically pleasing look whilst is also practical.

There are two kinds of hanging rods that we use at Black Label Wardrobes. The first and standard option is the white oval aluminium hanging rods that come with plastic supports or we can also supply stainless steel hanging rods with metal supports.

Walk-in wardrobe prices are subject to an on-site measure and quote but vary anywhere from $799 + (discounts available for larger jobs consisting of more than 5 wardrobes)

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